18 апр. 2009 г.

In a Dream by Kristi Westling

New by Kristi, In a Dream. With a gentle sprinkle of dust from the sandman the magical world of dreams is upon you. Nestled snug in your bed you sit up and gaze around in wonder. The magical nature of what surrounds you is hard to fathom. Such wondrous colors and beauty so near. The glitter in the sky winks and smiles upon you, as the jubilant nickering of the amazing carousel horse carries on the breeze to you. In a Dream is a digital kit that can't help but foster dreams and imagination. The inert beauty and flawless color scheme is such that no matter what you wish to capture it is nothing short of perfect for it. It features 8 papers,1 Bed, 1 Birdcage seat, Book with wings, Train border, Toy box, Dresser, Checkered floor , Little boy, Moon Frame, Hanger, Wire Hear, Lam, Lam, Mirror, Sleepy Hat, Mouse, 1 fantasy book, 2 Bows, Angel wings, 2 Carousel Horses, 2 Alarm Clocks, 3 Buttons, Bubbles, 1 String Frame, 2 Ribbons, 2 Strings, Doodles, and 2 Tags on strings. But the magic doesn't stop there. Included with this kit is a most incredible add on. The dreams and wishes are allowed to live on again. The staggering detail and imagination used to contrive this kit is unbelievable. The add on to In a Dream has expanded on the original kit. It dwells deeper into the land of nod. Making for an even more sensational journey. The add on contains Ladder, Piano Key walkway, Music Notes, 2 Street lamps, 2 sheep, Star Elements, Moon, Hanging Moons Element, Clouds, Wire Word art, Clouds, Bridge, Tree, Hill, Stars, Fence, House, and Dragon fly. Products are approved for Scrap 4 Hire and Professional Photographer. The price of this product is $5.50.

Кристи пригласила меня в One Kit Call еще одного набора :-), мне очень приятно... Приобрести этот набор можно здесь.
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